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What We Do

Clever Security Consulting

Joust Security specializes in providing advanced information security services and performing customized assessments for corporate clients of all sizes.

Our Services

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Advanced Security Assessments

  • Customized penetration testing and risk assessments
  • Our team is composed of diverse subject-matter experts in all aspects of Application Security (AppSec), Web Security, Mobile Security, Embedded Security, Malware Analysis, Network Security (NetSec), and Routing Security
  • Flexible modern approach built on a foundation of strong methodologies meeting or exceeding current industry best-practices
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Consulting Services

  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Security architecture
  • Risk-management and strategic consulting
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Infrastructure Services

  • Specialized secure infrastructure for penetration testing and red team scenario simulations
  • Secure off-site backups, BCP & DRP infrastructure services
  • Canadian data residency
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To-the-point AppSec

Get a clear view of your product's security posture

Our reports and deliverables present a comprehensive and intuitive view of your product's overall security health, with clear descriptions of issues, intuitive proof-of-concepts, and detailed remediation instructions, including comprehensive references and citations allowing your technical people to thoroughly research, identify, and remedy potentially-recurring bad patterns and get up to speed quickly with current industry best-practices.

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Why Us?

We Are Innovators

Both teachers and students at once, Joust team members are seasoned professionals active in both the local and international security community. Most of our team members perform a wide array of continuing education duties, are active or past organizers of world-class InfoSec events, security researchers, security trainers, and members of security organizations.

We Are Communicative

We are easy to reach and talk to. We like to find intuitive answers to complex problems, and deliver documentation with thorough references and citations. We establish clear and open communication lines ahead of all engagements, and aim to remain flexible.

We Have High Standards

We have high standards of ethics and professionalism, and pride ourselves in the quality of our work. We consistently deliver high-quality advanced security services on both straightforward and highly-complex assessments.

We Have a Solid Team

Joust employs a diverse team and a specialized partner network of Senior-and-higher consultants with a proven track record of excellence. In addition to their duties, most of our team members also elect to give back to the local and international security community through volunteer positions at InfoSec organizations.

Industries We Serve

B2B & B2C Technology and SAAS Vendors

A large number of our typical customers are businesses which develop their own software and/or applications, and are looking to get a comprehensive picture of their product's security posture.

Financial Technology

We are experienced in delivering security assessments for a wide variety of FinTech customers. Additionally, if you require PCI-specific services, we have a solid network of vetted Canadian and US-based PCI QSAs we can leverage to design and deliver payment card industry assessments.

Real Estate and Building Automation

Whether you manage a complex portfolio of real estate properties with physical and/or digital security needs, offer information technology services for the real estate industry, of design embedded systems or sensors for building automation, we can take care of your security needs.

Healthcare & Insurance

Our team is experienced in performing assessments in highly-regulated environments, and has a proven track record of excellence and diligence with a fine attention to detail. If you require security assessments to be performed in sensitive environments, you can count on us.

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