Infrastructure Services

Joust Security offers a wide variety of network infrastructure services, ranging from specialized secure infrastructure for penetration testing and red team scenario simulations, to secure off-site backups, BCP & DRP infrastructure services. All services offer Canadian data residency, and meet or exceed industry best-practices.

A wide array of infrastructure services

Specialized secure infrastructure managed by Joust Security

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Customized Solutions

Specialized infrastructure for penetration testing and red team scenario simulations.

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Secure and Up-To-Date

Modern architecture that meets or exceeds industry best-practices, managed by Joust Security.

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Business Continuation and Disaster Recovery

Secure off-site backups, BCP & DRP infrastructure services.

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Blazing-Fast and Scalable

Infrastructure in all current sites can scale up to 20Gbps without any hardware changes, and faster speeds can be made available upon request.

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Flexible Solutions

All our solutions are customized to your specific requirements and budget. Use our services, purchase and own your new IT assets through us, or design hybrid solutions, the choice is yours!

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Canadian data residency

Your data is stored in secure sites on Canadian soil.

Why Us?

We Are Innovators

Both teachers and students at once, Joust team members are seasoned professionals active in both the local and international security community. Most of our team members perform a wide array of continuing education duties, are active or past organizers of world-class InfoSec events, security researchers, security trainers, and members of security organizations.

We Are Communicative

We are easy to reach and talk to. We like to find intuitive answers to complex problems, and deliver documentation with thorough references and citations. We establish clear and open communication lines ahead of all engagements, and aim to remain flexible.

We Have High Standards

We have high standards of ethics and professionalism, and pride ourselves in the quality of our work. We consistently deliver high-quality advanced security services on both straightforward and highly-complex assessments.

We Have a Solid Team

Joust employs a diverse team and a specialized partner network of Senior-and-higher consultants with a proven track record of excellence. In addition to their duties, most of our team members also elect to give back to the local and international security community through volunteer positions at InfoSec organizations.

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